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Sally Dixon, Laser Pet Therapy

A local lady offering low level Laser Therapy. This is a good solution to healing soft tissue wounds, ongoing problems such as arthritic pain. My own dog has had some sessions with Sally and I would say it has made the world of difference. She is now able to walk without any problems.
Sally offers an assessment and treatment in your own home or here at Top to Tail Salon. Please see this link for more information -

Speringcourt Rescue

A local animal rescue and rehabilitation service. Providing re homing to dogs, cats, some farm animals and birds of prey.
They are self funded and offer transporting you and your animals anywhere in the UK, this includes collecting and delivering from Airports and Seaports
Find more information on Facebook -

Wild Walkies with Carra

A brand new local service for all people who need their dogs walked and cared for. Additionally, you can also choose to have your dog bathed or groomed with Top to Tail after the walk. Lots of services by a very trustworthy lady - including a country walk, socialising with other dogs (if appropriate for your dogs needs), daycare where your dog will be well looked after.
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Pet Portraits & Art

We have access to a local artist who does fabulous work, please ask for details.

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So Fireworks night is soon to be upon us. Tips to help settle your pets:
-Close the curtains, windows and doors, turn on the radio or TV for distraction
-Create a safe space - like a den your dog can hide in should things get scary
-Walk earlier in the day to release their energy and so there is more chance that they will be tired and want to sleep later on
-Use a wrap or jacket to help your dog feel more secure
-Close the catflap and keep your cat in the hosue
-Check the microchip details to make sure they have the best chance of being reunited with you should they go missing
-There are calming solutions that you can use, such as catnip toys and lavender oils that you can use to help keep your cat relaxed
It is generally advised that if your pet seeks reassurance then it is fine to give them this, however try to refrain from fussing over them too much as this can confuse them and tell them that there may be something different and to be worried about
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