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Prices & Information

The cost of your dog or cats treatment is discussed prior to any work being undertaken. We consider that we are competitive with cost and offer quality and care alongside value for money.

Please bear in mind that the price quoted below are the amount most people pay when their pet attends the salon. There can be variations, for example, the actual size of the dog / cat, condition of the coat or the trim you require.

Prices for treatments:

*Full Groom prices for individual breeds available on request- please see information* for a guide

Nails - £5 & Ears - £5
Nails and Ear Clean - *OFFER* £8 together
Brush & Bath
  • Small dogs - £15 - £18
  • Medium dogs - £18 - £20
  • Large dogs - £20 - £25
  • Giant dogs - £30 +
Bath and clip (*Full groom)
Price varies depending on the size of your dog, coat type and condition but as a guide:
  • Spaniels £30 - £35
  • Yorkshire Terriers, Jack Russell, Miniature Dachshund £22 - £28
  • Larger breeds and breeds with more complex coats from £35

Bath and hand scissoring is normally more expensive due to the time factor. For example with smaller dogs such as Yorkshire Terriers hand scissoring starts at £28, Cocker Spaniels £35.

We also offer hand stripping for wire coats which starts at £28.
Persian - £25 - £35 (includes full groom, bath if needed & nails)
Lion Cut - starts at £35
Dogs & Cats:
Nail clipping - £5
Ear Clean - £5
Both services together - £8

Dead Coat removal for breeds such as German Shepherd or Golden Retriever starts at £35. This will involve more intensive brushing and grooming.

Puppies - We offer a free initial groom to puppies, we will happily discuss your pets requirements and how best to get him/her used to being groomed regularly.

**Nail clipping & ear cleaning is always free with a full groom, hand strip & 'Brush & Bath'**

Specialist Treatments

Dead Sea Mud & Mineral Bath

For skin irritation, hot spots and dry patches. This treatment strengthens skin immunity and helps blood circulation. The 'mud cleanser' is massaged into the coat, deep cleansing the skin and hair - it will eliminate impurities and toxins which will help achieve a beautiful looking coat as well as assisting any skin problems, great for overall health. The bath is hypoallergenic and contains essential oils

Tear Stain Facial

This treatment contains blueberries and oatmeal. It is gently massaged into the facial area. Very effective for both relaxation and removing stains to the face and beard. The natural ingredients will help soothe the skin

Flea Baths

A nuisance to your pet, fleas can make their lives a misery, as well as yours. Having a soothing bath treatment will eradicate fleas and the skin irritation that coincides with having them. Flea baths are often done alongside a full groom but doesn't have to be, cost is dependant on the size of your dog.

Keep your pet regularly treated against fleas and tics with a spot on such as 'Advantage' or 'Frontline'. For information, dog fleas live on cats, in carpets and bedding. They love crevices such as skirting boards - so it is really important to treat everything at the same time. A thorough clean up and keeping on top of it is the key to getting rid of these little irritants! There are household sprays you can purchase on pet websites or pet shops which are effective in helping keep them down. However keeping pet areas well vacuumed will also help.

Oral Health

Oral health is crucial for your dogs happiness and health. We use an enzyme gel which is has natural ingredients. Regular care kills germs that cause bad breath, plaque and gingivitis.


  • Puppy pamper including a bath and light trim around the eyes, feet and rear end
  • Puppy must be under 4 months old and have had full inoculations
  • Advice given after your appointment about coat type, amount of grooming needed, brushing & equipment YOU MAY REQUIRE
  • ONE free groom PER PUP ONLY

Free!!!! Yes absolutely free!!!