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Useful Online Shop Selling Natural Flea Treatments as well as Treats for You.

Top to Tail has its own handmade products especially designed for your pets, we use these in the salon regularly. We have a herbal and all natural Anti Flea Dry Shampoo (see the pic below), this is made from all natural ingredients and can be used safely at home, on dogs bedding, carpets and floors to rid your pet and your home of fleas. Leaves your pet and home smelling lovely!
Also available is a range of shampoo bars, all of which are made from scratch from natural products. such as organic coconut oil, pomace olive oil, neem, natural butters and essential oils, There is a shampoo that is suitable for all coats (
Nourish me Naturally), one that is designed for sensitive and problematic coats (Vexed ) , and a gentle cleansing bar suitable for puppies, kittens and cats, which is unscented yet cleansing
these products are 100% natural, free from parabens and completely biodegradable. These are all available in the salon or online, please click on the links to view the products in my Etsy shop.

Sally Dixon, Laser Pet Therapy

A local lady offering low level Laser Therapy. This is a good solution to healing soft tissue wounds, ongoing problems such as arthritic pain. My own dog has had some sessions with Sally and I would say it has made the world of difference. She is now able to walk without any problems.
Sally offers an assessment and treatment in your own home or here at Top to Tail Salon. Please see this link for more information -

Wild Walkies with Carra

A brand new local service for all people who need their dogs walked and cared for. Additionally, you can also choose to have your dog bathed or groomed with Top to Tail after the walk. Lots of services by a very trustworthy lady - including a country walk, socialising with other dogs (if appropriate for your dogs needs), daycare where your dog will be well looked after.
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Pet Portraits & Art

We have access to a local artist who does fabulous work, please ask for details.

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At Top to Tail we are passionate about giving your pet the best experience of being groomed, and this includes the products that we use. We have a selection of handmade and organic soap bars especially designed for your pets, we use these at the salon and they are also for sale so that you can maintain bathing in between grooms yourself. All of the soaps are coconut and olive oil based, they include a maintenance soap ('NOURISH ME NATURALLY') which has neem oil, coconut, olive, rapeseed and castor oils; there is also a soap that is designed for more sensitive and problematic coats ('VEXED') - this is ideal for stressed skin and coats that need a bit more help containing coconut, rice bran, castor, essential oils, shea butter and oatmeal. The Anti Flea soap is also included in our range, which contains pomace olive oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil, castor, shea and essential oils that repel fleas and parasites.
All of our soap is 100% natural and biodegradable, paraben free and devoid of additives or colourants.
100g - £4.50
200g - £8.50
Please pick your bar up in the salon or for mail order please see our shop at etsy -
Or contact me at
Julia Samuels
We are currently giving all customers that come in a present of wholesome tasty home made biscuits when they come in for grooming.
If you are a regular customer and do not have an appointment in December please pop in for your bag of treats.
Appointments are now full until after the new year but if you wish to book for the new year please call us.
The salon will be closed during Christmas week and New Year period, reopening on Saturday 5th January 2019
Merry Christmas to all our customers and thank you for supporting us throughout the year, we look forward to seeing you in 2019!

Julia at Top to Tail

So Fireworks night is soon to be upon us. Tips to help settle your pets:
-Close the curtains, windows and doors, turn on the radio or TV for distraction
-Create a safe space - like a den your dog can hide in should things get scary
-Walk earlier in the day to release their energy and so there is more chance that they will be tired and want to sleep later on
-Use a wrap or jacket to help your dog feel more secure
-Close the catflap and keep your cat in the hosue
-Check the microchip details to make sure they have the best chance of being reunited with you should they go missing
-There are calming solutions that you can use, such as catnip toys and lavender oils that you can use to help keep your cat relaxed
It is generally advised that if your pet seeks reassurance then it is fine to give them this, however try to refrain from fussing over them too much as this can confuse them and tell them that there may be something different and to be worried about
Julia at Top to Tail Pet Grooming

Some breeds are more predisposed to skin problems, however some problems are as a result of allergies, diet or sometimes the reason is difficult to discover and you are left with trying to deal with the problem. Your vet can help manage the symptoms if your pet is irritated with their skin, and often your pet can't tell you they are in pain or itchy, however their behaviour may change, for example becoming more irritable, or just looking unhappy and not themselves.

There are some things that you can do to help avoid skin problems - keep the coat groomed (see below for correct brushing), keep their coat clean, brushing, bathing, wash mud off after a walk and keep the coat matt free - matts can pull on the skin, eventually they hurt and can really irritate your pet. & the skin can become sore. You can buy medicated shampoo that will help with irritable skin, or your groomer can bath your pet should you not have the facilities.
Your pet will also benefit from regular flea treatments - many dogs and cats are allergic to their bites so it is vital to do what you can to keep their coat free from mites and fleas.

You can try alternative and complimentary treatments, to see if they are effective, some good results have been reported with aloe vera gel (please make sure this is pure), and also coconut oil is nourishing to the skin, again in its natural state.

The most effective treatment I have found for ongoing skin conditions are mud baths with dead sea mud - this is specifically for pets. I have tested this on a number of clients always with overwhelmingly positive results. This bath will thoroughly nourish and clean the skin leaving the skin and coat in super condition. Please see information on treatments for more details about this treatment.
Julia Samuels
Fleas can be irritating, especially when they get into your home, bedding and carpets. Both dogs and cats carry dog fleas, passing them on.

There are several alternatives to preventing them. One is to regularly treat your pet with a flea preventative method, usually purchased online or via your vet.

There are also flea baths that are offered by us and other groomers, you could also purchase flea shampoo from pet retailers or vet supplies.

Another is to use a more natural method of preventing these little critters. We offer a dry shampoo that will repel fleas and ticks. This is safe to put on the dogs coat directly and on carpets and bedding. It is brushed onto your dog backwards. Please see our selling page for more details.
Why groom in between visits to the salon?

Brushing enhances the coat, removes dead hair and keeps skin healthy. It also keeps tangles and matts at bay, saving your groomer time and therefore you money when s/he goes to the grooming salon.

Are you brushing your dog correctly?

There are different types of dog coats and for each one there is a way to brush, and equipment that suits the coat.
For very short haired breeds such as Dalmation or Staffordshire Bull Terrier, a popular tool is the rubber palm pad ('Zoom Groom' for example). This aids shedding and used properly will draw the oils to the top coat making it healthy and giving a gleam to the coat. Circular motions are used when using this tool, this should be done until drawing a brush through does not pull any hair out.

Double coated breeds such as German Shepherd, Golden Retriever or Collie coats normally require intensive work. A good tool to use is a grooming ‘rake’ for the very thick areas such as around the neck or tail. A good slicker brush will be essential for general brushing. Another tool is the 'Coat King'. These vary in size depending on the coat type of your dog. For example, the German Shepherd will normally require a large coat king. These are relatively inexpensive and can be purchased in many good stores and online.

Wool Coats such as the poodle coat tend to knot up quite easily, so regular brushing through with a slicker brush followed with a wide toothed comb will help enormously.

Silk Coats such as Yorkshire Terrier will benefit from brushing through with a slicker followed by combing. Any knots can be teased out with a matt breaker.

A good method of grooming through all coats is to part the hair at the roots starting from the neck and going through it systematically, brushing out knots, old hair and any debris.

A word of warning…. Ensure that you use the brushes and combs correctly. It is easy to burn the skin with a slicker brush if you brush it against the skin continually. It is also easy to scrape skin with a comb.

Remember… grooming your dog is a necessary task, but not all dogs enjoy it, so make it easier for them with treats, giving lots of breaks & spacing out grooming times. Regular attendance at the grooming salon will compliment your care and keep the coat in order.

Author - Julia Samuels - Qualified Pet Grooming at Top to Tail